Kimberleys - The birthplace of diamond mining
Welcome to Central Kimberley Diamonds Ltd 

Central Kimberley Diamonds is set to acquire one of the world’s largest diamond-bearing kimberlites (the fourth largest in South Africa – the historic epicentre of diamond mining .

Central Kimberley Diamonds Limited is a Perth Australia-based, German-listed (Frankfurt Exchange code DIA) diamond exploration and mining company with its project interests centred squarely in South Africa – the greatest diamond producing country ever.

The company was named after the capital of the Northern Cape in South Africa “Kimberley”. As fate would have it, this town also lent its name to a peculiar rock that was discovered there over a hunred years ago that was found to contain diamonds – the name of the rock is “kimberlite” – the discoverer – no less than “De Beers”.

The birthplace of diamond mining
What’s in a name? It is a complete coincidence and an act of serendipity that the Kimberley Region of northern Western Australia, 2,500km north of Perth, has become famous for its own diamonds – the massive and one of the largest ever diamond mines – the Argyle Diamond Mine.

Formed in 2003, and listed in Frankfurt in 2007, CKD has owned and operated several diamond exploration and mining projects in South Africa in its seven year history. After a hiatus of minimal activity, imposed by the GFC, the Company is now been re-energised. CKD once again aims to become a significant diamond producer – a company with “built in” diamond chain expertise – from exploration, mining and treatment to diamond cutting and selling.

Emerging from this period of self-imposed dormancy; the Company has undertaken a quantum shift. The emphasis has changed from developing alluvial diamond deposits (diamonds found in ancient river beds) to developing primary diamond deposits – “kimberlite deposits.” Consequently, its former alluvial diamond project concessions have all been relinquished and CKD now has an option to acquire a large kimberlite.

Enter the “Palmietfontein Project”. CKD has signed an agreement to acquire the majority interest in the fourth largest diamond-bearing kimberlite in South Africa. Announcements providing the latest news on this ongoing and exciting venture appear on our Home Page under “Latest News”. The project is also described under “Projects”.

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