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Basic Stock Data

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Central Kimberley Diamonds Ltd is a diamond exploration company based in Perth, Western Australia, with exploration sites in the Kimberley Region of the Northern Cape, South Africa.



Exploration & Mining


Listing Segment


Open Market




Euro (€)




Ordinary Bearer Shares


Issued Shares


249.2 million


Stock Exchanges


Berlin, Frankfurt, XETRA


First Listing


January 3, 2007


Listing Price


€ 0.10, January 15, 2007, XETRA


Accounting Standards




End of Business Year


June 30


Registered Office








Commercial Register


West Australia No. 112 292 645



Shareholder's structure

The number of issued shares amounts to 134.6 million. The free float amounts to 15%. The management and other affiliated individuals own the remaining 85%.

The company is publicly listed since January 03, 2007 on the German Open Market at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.